Kara Poorbaugh

Kara Poorbaugh

Kara Poorbaugh

Kara Poorbaugh is a first-year master’s student in Applied Developmental Psychology at George Mason University. She was a hair stylist and salon owner prior to Attending American University where she received her B.A. in Psychology. While completing her B.A. she volunteered and interned with organizations in the mental health field. This included HOPE Multiplied which mentor and advocate for vulnerable youth in the Arlington, VA area and Capital Clubhouse Inc. working along side and in a community helping to promote health and wellness for people with mental illness. Kara is interested in social-emotional development and the interactions of children with teachers, caregivers, and parents.

Current Research

Kara works in Dr. Curby's lab investigating teacher-child interactions and how it serves as a mechanism for pre-school aged children's social-emotional development. 

Development in school contexts: https://disc.gmu.edu/


B.A. in Psychology, American University

Current M.A. in Applied Developmental Psychology