Rebecca Correll

Rebecca Correll

Rebecca Correll

Graduate Lecturer

Parenting, autism, early intervention, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Rebecca completed her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology, under the guidance of Dr. Pasnak. She currently works as an Assistant Professor at Mount St Mary's University. In addition to her academic career, Rebecca is the CEO of The Language and Behavior Center, which provides comprehensive services to children with autism and related disorders.  Rebecca became a Board Certified Assistance Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) in 2010, and went on to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2014. She is now recognized as a BCBA-D. 

Rebecca has worked in schools, in clinics, and provided in-home services to children and their families for the past 15 years. Her research involves the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help parents identify their values and develop a parenting philosophy that aligns with these values.

Current Research

Rebecca is currently researching the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with parents of autistic children. Specifically, she is analyzing the impact of the ACT Matrix on parenting stress, psychological flexibility, and values-aligned parenting. 

Courses Taught

Statistics in Psychology Lab (PSYC 300L)

Statistics in Psychology (PSYC 300)   

Principles of Learning (PSYC 304)

Advanced Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology Lab (PSYC 611)

Behavior Modification (PSYC 322)

Mystery, Madness, and Murder (PSYC 405)


Rebecca completed her undergraduate work at the University of South Carolina, followed by the completion of her master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her master's research focused on effective methods of training and prompting parents to attend to their child's adaptive behavior. In 2022, Rebecca completed her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology and published her dissertation "Evaluation the effects of the act matrix on values-aligned behaviors of parents of autistic children".

Recent Presentations

Correll, R.A. (2021) "Teaching Perspective Taking via Telehealth." Association for Behavior Analysis International, Online

Correll, R.A., Harrison, K.E. (2020) “Balanced Behavior Analyst – The Personal and Professional Balancing Act.” Association for Behavior Analysis International, Washington, D.C.

Correll, R.A., Lobrano, J.D., & Zimiles, J. (2019) "Living and Learning with People with Autism." Panel Discussion at Amherst College, Amherst, M.A.

Correll, R. A., Harrison, K.E. (2019) “Don’t Be An A**hole, and Other Advice Your Supervisor Should Have Given You.” Workshop given to members of Balanced Behavior Analyst, Washington D.C. and New York.

Adams, R. (2014) “Tactile Prompts to Increase Parent Attention”.  Thesis Presentation at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.