ADP Welcomes Dr. Allison Jack

Dr. Allison Jack received her BA in Psychology and English at the College of William & Mary, followed by a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Virginia and postdoctoral training at the Yale Child Study Center. Her background includes training in child psychopathology, social cognitive neuroscience, and imaging genetics, with specialization in neuroimaging and assessment of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Her work includes peer-reviewed articles on ASD and social brain function in Human Brain Mapping, Scientific Reports, Cerebral Cortex, and the Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, among others. Prior to entering an academic career, she was involved in the instruction and care of children with ASDs and co-occurring intellectual disability, accompanied by externalizing behaviors and sensorimotor impairments. This experience motivated her to focus her research on the etiology of ASDs (that is, factors that contribute to the development of autism), especially how aspects of brain structure and function can help us better predict social behavior and ASD treatment outcomes. She has a particular interest in autistic girls and women, who are understudied and under-represented relative to boys and men on the spectrum. Her primary current project involves combining information from fMRI, behavior, and genetics to explore what makes autistic girls unique. Dr Jack will be jointly affiliated with ADP and Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN).