Meet our M.A. Alumni

Meet a recent M.A. alum here!

Graduates of the M.A. program have gone on to doctoral programs in developmental psychology or related fields (about 50%) or they are employed in private research firms (e.g., Caliber Associates, ICF International, Westat, American Institutes for Research), in settings that provide services to children and families (e.g., Children's Hospital Center for Child Development, Institute for Family-Centered Services, Multicultural Human Services, Northern Virginia Training Center, Foster Care Family Network, Child Life Specialist), in a research setting at a university (e.g., Medical University of South Carolina), or in schools systems (e.g., Fairfax County Public Schools After School Child Care).

M.A. Alumni

Year Name Advisor Post-Graduation Position
2023 Kara Watrud Curby Social Learning Specialist, The Auburn School
2023 Kara Poorbaugh Curby Observation Specialist, Teachstone
2023 Juliet Brisbane Winsler Early Childhood Education Consultant
2023 John CIampa Winsler Vienna Youth Soccer
2023 Maria Pachtman Jack  
2023 Sumukhi Vaid Goldstein School Readiness Consulting
2022 Gabrielle Norvell Winsler Research Analyst, CoBro Consulting
2022 Ny'Asia Reid Goldstein Fortify Children's Health
2022 Elana M. Norman Kornienko  
2021 Sedona Whitmore Kornienko MA Student, School Psychology, GMU
2021 Karlan Cruz Goldstein  
2020 Brianna Francis Kornienko  
2020 Reem Shawkat Kornienko Ph.D. Student, Virginia Commonwealth University
2020 Bailey Hill Goldstein Digital Producer, The Aspen Group
2020 Kaylee Orr (Chulla) Goldstein Research with InformData
2020 Summer Hughey Winsler Data Analyst, AnLar LLC
2020 My Nguyen Winsler Ph.D. Student, University of Houston
2020 Kayla Keith Winsler Assistant Clinical Case Supervisor, Coachella Valley Lighthouse
2020 Kristen Hayes Winsler Associate, National Resilience Institute
2019 Kristen Carpenter Winsler Associate, Linder Educational Coaching
2019 Mehreen Hassan Pasnak Ph.D. Student, Purdue University
2018 Jerry Mize Winsler Ph.D. Student, Virginia Tech University
2018 Kaity Burdette Pasnak ABA Therapist
2018 Monica Yassa Pasnak Research Associate, Avar Consulting
2018 Katrina Gagliano Pasnak Research Associate, AppleTree Institute
2018 Brittany Pierceall Pasnak Behavior Analyst
2017 Kaity Mumma Winsler Ph.D. Student, GMU
2017 Laura Stokes Curby Ph.D. Student, GMU
2017 Katie Orth Curby Program Manager, Behavior Basics LLC
2017 Laura Lauderdale Pasnak Associate, INOVA
2016 Caitlin Hines Winsler Ph.D. Student, Georgetown University
2016 Taylor Gara Winsler Ph.D. Student, UC Irvine
2016 Rebecca Ullrich Curby Policy Analyst, Center for Law and Social Policy
2016 Brittany Leaf Pasnak Program Director, The Aurora School
2016 Kate Vennergrund Pasnak The Aurora School, ABA Therapist
2016 Allison Haag Winsler Outreach Specialist, Girls Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana
2015 Devon LaMay Winsler DOE, Office of Special Education
2015 Dani Sebille Denham  
2015 Daisy Andonyadis Denham  
2015 Melissa Fetterer Robinson Pasnak Ph.D. Student, University of Memphis
2014 Emily Doll Winsler Speech Pathology Graduate Program
2014 Xiaozhu An Rojahn Ph.D. Student, GMU
2014 Alec Bernstein Rojahn Ph.D. Student, University of Kansas
2014 Emily Spencer Curby Instructor, West Point Military Academy
2014 Alexandra Davidson-Palmer Curby Instructional Assistant, The Hill Center, Durham, NC
2014 Sara O'Brien Pasnak Learning Specialist, Georgetown Psychology Associates
2013 Noora Hamdan Curby Ph.D. Student, Temple University
2013 Beckie LaRocque Winsler  
2013 Elizabeth Berke Rojahn Ph.D. Student, GMU
2013 Shannon Scurlock Rojahn  
2013 Reeka Sharma Rojahn ABAC Program, GMU
2013 Michael Widerman Curby Data Manager, AMAR International
2013 Matthew Willis Curby Program Analyst, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2013 Lauren Royster Curby Business Manager, Bright Horizons Family Solutions
2012 William White Winsler  
2012 Aaron Deutsch Winsler English Teacher, Taiwan
2012 Alicia Borré Winsler Ph.D. Student, Virginia Commonwealth University
2012 Helyn Kim Curby Ph.D. Student, University of Virginia
2012 Elizabeth Shewark Denham Ph.D. Student, Penn State University
2012 Susan VanderHei Rojahn Ph.D. Student, University of Pittsburgh
2012 Andrea Burchfield Rojahn Ph.D. Student, GMU
2012 Kyli Kauth Rojahn ABA Therapist, Pennsylvania
2012 Nicole Fettig Denham Ph.D. Student, GMU
2012 Julie Robinson Winsler Assistant Principal, Chesterbrook Academy
2011 Naomi Watanabe Denham Ph.D. Student, GMU
2011 Catherine Chavez Curby Research Associate, University of Miami
2011 Marquita Anatsui Winsler VCU, Apple Tree Institute
2011 Siria Rioja Winsler Project Manager, National Head Start Association
2011 Lily Adams Pasnak Assistant Principal, Preschool
2011 Ameena Sweeting Pasnak ABA Certification Program
2010 Alejandra Loyola Perez-Edgar M.P.H. Program, Global Health Epidemiology
2010 Cameron Mittelman Winsler Matthew's Center for Visual Learning
2010 Anna Sharber Rojahn Research Assistant, Children's National Medical Center
2010 Nicole Turygin Rojahn Ph.D. Student, Louisiana State University
2010 Ashley Simpkins Winsler Research Associate, Westat, Inc
2010 Erin Tarpey Denham School Psychologist
2010 Taylor Edwards Curby Photographer, Ben Powell Photography
2010 Amanda Mahoney Denham Associate, Children's National Medical Center
2009 Jessy Zadrazil Denham Research Associate, American Institutes for Research
2009 Bess Lam Denham ABA Therapist
2009 Allison Booth Rojahn ABA Therapist, Autism Services International
2009 Diana Aiken Pasnak Intensive Mentoring and CBI Director, The Capitol Region Children's Center
2009 Christen Meisel Rojahn Child Development Research Coordinator, Children's National Medical Center
2009 Susannah Clifford Winsler Parenting Playgroups, Inc
2008 Elif Bor Winsler Research Associate, JBL Associates, Inc
2008 Yesim Caylakli Lehman ACEV Early Childhood and Family Education, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Alison Lee Pasnak Preschool Developmental Program Director
2008 Karla Perez Pasnak Lead Teacher, Child Development Center, Georgetown
2007 Charlotte Anderson Lehman Ph.D. Student, University of Kentucky
2007 Kerry Dillman Rojahn Clinical Coordinator/Behavioral Analyst, Alternative Paths Training School
2007 Erin Richard Winsler Grant Writer, Medical University of South Carolina
2007 Sandy Romero Pasnak Ph.D. Student, University of Miami
2006 Katherine Addison Pasnak ABA Therapist, Measurement Specialist, National Cancer Institute
2006 Jennifer Crane Winsler Ph.D. Student, GMU
2006 Krista D'Albenzio Winsler School Psychology Student, Towson University
2006 Catherine Hastings Lehman Ph.D. Student, Florida State University
2006 Nilgun Ocal Winsler Psy.D. Student, Argosy University
2005 Beau Abar Winsler Ph.D. Student, Penn State University
2005 Lesley Ducenne Winsler Northern Virginia Training Center & Adjunct Professor, GMU
2005 Melissa Mincic Denham Ph.D. Student, GMU
2005 Dhvani Patel Lehman Ph.D. Student, GMU
2005 Jeffry Pattison Lehman Associate Research Scientist, US Department of Education
2005 Annmarie Schaeffler Winsler Early Childhood Education Specialist, DCPS Head Start Program
2005 Samantha Shapiro Denham Hospital Child Development Specialist
2005 Christina Terpenning Pasnak Ph.D. Program, American School of Professional Psychology
2004 Alissa Fujimoto Denham Cosmos Foundation
2004 Catherine Lyon Lehman PBS & Cartoon Network
2002 Kelly Allison Lehman Child Life Specialist, Children's Medical Center Dallas
2002 Louis Manfra Winsler Ph.D. Student, GMU
2002 Kerri Shiflett Winsler Foster Care Program Manager, Caring Family Network
2002 Shannon Tyler Winsler National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
2001 Jennifer Grubba Winsler Ed.S. Student, University of Minnesota
2001 Kia Tucker Denham Ph.D. Student, Fordham University
2001 Greg Wallace Winsler Ph.D. Student, University of London
2000 Eirikur Thorvardarson Winsler School Psychologist, Reykjavik Public Schools, Iceland
1999 Muna Shami Winsler Research Associate, American Institutes for Research
1997 Dennis Ciancio Pasnak Ph.D. Student, University of Notre Dame