Tenure-line Faculty

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  • Timothy W Curby

    Timothy W Curby

    Associate Professor

    Social-emotional teaching; Early childhood education; Classroom quality and teacher–student interactions; Quantitative Methods.


  • Sabine Doebel

    Sabine Doebel

    Assistant Professor

    Executive function, cognitive control, self-control, cognitive development, conceptual development


  • Thalia R Goldstein

    Thalia R Goldstein

    Associate Professor

    Developmental Psychology; Social Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Learning; Play, Pretend, Imagination; Theatre, Drama and The Arts


  • Allison E Jack

    Allison E Jack

    Assistant Professor

    Autism spectrum disorders, fMRI, cerebellum, sex differences, social perception


  • Olga Kornienko

    Olga Kornienko

    Assistant Professor

    Adolescent Development, Development of Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Youth, Psychological Adjustment, Social Networks, Social Network Analysis, Physiological Processes to Stress, Social Status, and Immunity


  • Robert Pasnak

    Robert Pasnak


    Children and life span development- particularly helping children who lag in cognitive development catch up to their peers.


  • Adam Winsler

    Adam Winsler


    Children's transition to school, development of self-regulation/executive functioning, private speech, bilingual language development, the arts and child development, long-term pre-K effects, advanced course placement, and educational success and equity for children of color