• Hannah Adams

    Hannah Adams

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Gender discrepancies in Autism

  • Alena N Alegrado

    Alena N Alegrado

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Predictors and outcomes of in-school music enrollment

  • Janelle Applewhite

    Janelle Applewhite

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sex/gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), camouflaging in Autism, ASD interventions



  • Sofie Caruso

    Sofie Caruso

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Emma Casey

    Emma Casey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Early childhood education; emotion-focused teaching; feeding practices; emotion development; eating development; self-regulation; interoception/self-awareness

  • David D Cerri
  • John Ciampa

    John Ciampa

    Sport and Performance Psychology, Applied Sport Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

  • Rebecca Correll

    Rebecca Correll

    Graduate Lecturer

    Parenting, autism, early intervention, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

  • Timothy W Curby

    Timothy W Curby


    Emotion-focused teaching; Early childhood education; Classroom quality and teacher–student interactions; Quantitative Methods.


  • Marissa Davila

    Marissa Davila

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Sabine Doebel

    Sabine Doebel

    Assistant Professor

    Executive function, cognitive control, self-control, cognitive development, conceptual development


  • Negar Fatahi

    Negar Fatahi

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Lamin Fatty

    Lamin Fatty

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Child play, parent-child playful interactions, and parenting in relation to child social and emotional development


  • Heather Geer

    Heather Geer

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Elena Geier
  • Thalia R Goldstein

    Thalia R Goldstein

    Associate Professor

    Developmental Psychology; Social Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Learning; Play, Pretend, Imagination; Theatre, Drama and The Arts



  • Allison E Jack

    Allison E Jack

    Assistant Professor

    Autism spectrum disorders, fMRI, cerebellum, sex differences, social perception


  • Olga Kornienko

    Olga Kornienko

    Assistant Professor

    Adolescent Development, Peer Relationships, Friendships, Social Network Analysis, Psychological Adjustment, Ethnic-Racial Identity Development, Intergroup Peer Relationships, Biological Processes, which Underpin Stress, Social Status, and Immunity


  • Haoyu Lin

    Haoyu Lin

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Early Childhood Social Emotional Developmental and Intervention




  • Diego Ordonez

    Diego Ordonez

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Victor M Ortiz Cortes

    Victor M Ortiz Cortes

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Victor’s current research interests lie in understanding the impact of neighborhood factors on academic achievement and language development.



  • Susan Ridley
  • Jasmine Rose

    Jasmine Rose

    Black experiences related to social Justice, equity, inclusion, and intersectional identities.


  • Darian F Stapleton

    Darian F Stapleton

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Pretend Play, Imagination, Video Games, Creativity, Psychology of the Arts

  • Joshua Stein

    Joshua Stein

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Wellness and the Arts, ASD and ADHD, Role-Playing Games, Psychology and Law

  • Nicole J. Stucke

    Nicole J. Stucke

    Graduate Research Assistant

    executive function; cognitive control; theory of mind; social functioning; persistence; meta-analysis

  • Megan Stutesman

    Megan Stutesman

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Embodied cognition, social cognition, social and emotional development, psychology of the arts


  • Caro Toth

    Caro Toth

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Tevis L Tucker

    Tevis L Tucker

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Student persistence within in-school music electives; role of school transition and musical instrument choice


  • Sumukhi Vaid

    Sumukhi Vaid

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Social and Emotional Learning amongst teachers, children and community


  • Deirdre Ward

    Deirdre Ward

    Are you in HFAC, ADP, or CBN? Do you need help with budget or accounting issues?

  • Kara Watrud

    Kara Watrud

    Social-emotional development/teaching and early childhood emotional development, school readiness.

  • Colin Weiss
  • Nicole White

    Nicole White

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Adam Winsler

    Adam Winsler


    Children's transition to school, development of self-regulation/executive functioning, private speech, bilingual language development, the arts and child development, long-term pre-K effects, advanced course placement, and educational success and equity for children of color and immigrant students.


  • DaSean L. Young

    DaSean L. Young

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Discrimination, Social Dynamics, The Marching Arts, Intergroup Contact, Race and Sexuality