Nicole Stucke

Nicole Stucke

Nicole Stucke

Graduate Research Assistant

executive function; social cognition; intervention

Nicole is a third-year doctoral student working with Dr. Sabine Doebel in the Developing Minds Lab. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of science in Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience in 2015. She studies how children develop executive function (neurocognitive skills involved in self-control) and how these skills are related to key developmental outcomes, including social cognitive skills like theory of mind understanding and self-awareness. She is also interested in how these skills can be trained and improved to promote adaptive functioning.

Selected Publications

Stucke, N., Stoet, G., & Doebel, S. (under revised review). What Are the Kids Doing? Exploring Young Children’s Activities at Home and Relations with Externally Cued Executive Function and Child Temperament. Link to Preprint.

Courses Taught

Guest Lectures

"Executive Function in Education and Schools" - Educational Psychology (PSYC 312), Sep 2021

"Executive Function, Self-, and Emotion-regulation" - Lifespan Development (PSYC 704), Oct 2019


B.S. Developmental Psychology & Neuroscience; University of Minnesota

Recent Presentations

Stucke, N. & Doebel, S. (2021, May). A Meta-Analysis of Early Childhood Executive Function and Concurrent and Future Outcomes. Poster presented at the Annual Association for Psychological Science Virtual Convention, Virtual (COVID-19).

Stucke, N. & Doebel, S. (2021, May). What Are the Kids Doing? Children’s Time Use and Relations with Executive Function during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Flash talk presented at the Annual Association for Psychological Science Virtual Convention, Virtual (COVID-19).

Stucke, N., Wise, F., Farquhar, L., & Doebel, S. (2021, April). Understanding of Others as Evaluators in Preschool-aged Children. Poster presented at the Biennial Society for Research in Child Development Conference, Virtual (COVID-19).

Stucke, N., Doebel, S., Carlson, S. M., & Zelazo, P. D. (2019, October). Exploring Socioeconomic Status Differences in Executive Function Across Development. Poster presented at the Annual Cognitive Development Society Conference, Louisville, KY.

Stucke, N. (2016, November). University of Minnesota Developmental Psychology Departmental Brown Bag Seminar; PowerPoint Presentation: Developmental Change in Brain Rhythms from Early to Middle Childhood: Links to Executive Function. (Also presented at the Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Meeting, Oct 2016).

Additional Affiliations

2021 –             Association for Psychological Science (APS)

2019 –             Cognitive Development Society (CDS)

2019 –             Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

2018 –             American Psychological Association (APA)

In the Media

Nicole places 3rd overall in the international Pitch Perfect Three-Minute Thesis Competition at the APS 2021 Convention (click on video at 22:55 to see Nicole's talk).

Reflection Sciences Blog Guest Writer, June 2018. Cohort effects on delay of gratification.