ADP Colloquia Series

Spring 2024

Colloquia will take place in Innovation 208 Wednesdays at 12pm unless otherwise noted (check back on event date for any updates). All members of the GMU community are welcome to attend.

Zoom presentations will be held at the following link:

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Jan 24  Dr. Brenda Jones Harden  University of Maryland  Trauma and young children: Implications for development and developmentally-sensitive intervention VIA ZOOM 
Jan 31  Helen King  Arlington County Aging and Disability  What Makes a Community Age-Friendly? VIA ZOOM 
Feb 7  Dr. Zehra Gulseven  Virginia Tech  The Development of Cooperation and Self-Control in Childhood: Antecedents and Outcomes VIA ZOOM 
Feb 14  Tracey Wilson  The Heart Leaf Center  The Power of Play IN PERSON
Feb  21  Dr. Maaza Saeed  Shaanxi Normal University Effects of mood on cognitive task performance via mindfulness and mind-wandering VIA ZOOM 
Feb 28  Dr. Zachary Price  Towson University  Using and Translating Research to Improve and Change Early Childhood Practices IN PERSON
Mar 13  Samantha Clarke  Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN)  Moving Upstream – the Centering of Primary Prevention in Child Protection Response: Safeguarding Children from Harm 
Mar 20  Dr. Mayra Parada  Administration for Children and Families (ACF)   Applied Research at ACF: The Role of Administrative and Fiscal Data at the Office of Child Care 
Mar 27  Dr. Kristia Wantchekon  Georgetown University  Patterns of Ethnic-Racial Identity Development and Psychosocial Adjustment among Adolescents 
Apr 3  Dr. Demi Siskind  Start Early  Exploring the Possibilities of Applied Research Work Settings Outside Academia 
Apr 10  Dr. James P Morris  University of Virginia  Epigenetic regulation of the oxytocin system and the development of self- regulation and prosociality 
Apr 17  Dr. Alison Melley   GMU  Equity-Based Teaching 
 JC Room C 
Apr 24  Dr. Tanya Tavassolie  Office of Head Start   The American Early Childhood Policy System 
May 1  Dr. Rebecca Ryan  Georgetown University  How parents' beliefs about economic mobility affect their investments in children: evidence from an online experiment 

Archive of Recent ADP Colloquia Series

Fall 2023

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Sep 6 Dr. Sabine Doebel GMU When and why do children choose effort?
Sep 13 Dr. Barbara Kaminski Green Box ABA Ten Reasons to Forget Everything You've Been Told About Behavior Analysis 

Sep 20

Dr. Ian Lyons Georgetown University Math and Space in the Affective Domain: The Case of Anxiety 
Sep 27 Dr. Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch


The Village Matters: Widening Our Examination of Early Experiences that Enhance Children’s School Readiness 
Oct 4

Dr. Anna Johnson

Georgetown University

How It Started; How It's Going: From a Longitudinal Pre-K Evaluation to a Study of COVID's Impacts on Development 

Oct 18

Dr. Amy Madigan

Administration for Children and Families (GMU ADP Alum) Bridging Research and Policy in the Administration for Children and Families
Oct 25

Dr. Leah Adams


Disability Identity Development and Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury 

Nov 1 Megan Stutesman GMU

Practice Job Talk: Social Cognitive Development: Mixed-Method Approaches on the Role of the Arts

Nov 8 Dr. Vikram Jaswal UVA

Using community collaboration and cognitive science to support flourishing for nonspeaking autistic people 

Nov 15 Dr. Jamie Jirout UVA


Nov 29 Dr. Marla Hatrak UCSD

Language and Policy Begin at Birth: How It Impacts Deaf Education 


Spring 2023

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Feb 1 Davis Dixon Howard University Culture, identity, and belonging: Black child development across the lifespan
Feb 8 Peter Vishton William & Mary How action planning influences children’s (and adults’) perceptual and cognitive processing
Feb 15 Elissa Newport Georgetown University Developmental plasticity and language reorganization after pediatric stroke
Mar 1 Allison Ratto Children’s National Medical Center Centering the inner experience of Autism: Development of the self-assessment of Autistic traits
Mar 8 Cat Thrasher University of Virginia Mothers as a mechanism of human regulation
Mar 29 Kosta Kushlev Georgetown University Are smartphones really that bad for well-being?
Apr 5 Jenel Cavazos University of Oklahoma It’s never too early: The benefits of using undergraduate teaching assistants to make large classes feel small
Apr 12 Dwight Kravitz George Washington University Neuroanatomy, plasticity, and functional organization: Towards a new framework for cognitive neuroscience
Apr 26 Laurie Bayet American University Learning from babies: How infants understand the visual and affective world
May 3 Seth Hunter George Mason University High-stakes teaching performance self-assessments and supervisor assessments: Their variation, discordance, predictors, and consequences

Fall 2022

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Aug 31 Kristen Hayes & Jerry Mize Center for Community Resilience & George Mason University *MA Alumni Panel #1*
Sep 7 Erika Bocknek Wayne State University Joy matters for family mental wellness
Sep 14 David Schultz University of Maryland– Baltimore County Training infant home visitors and their supervisors in Maryland
Sep 21 June Tangney

George Mason University

Forgiveness in the family: Intergenerational asymmetries in the accuracy of perceptions of forgiveness
Sep 28

Leher Singh

National Science Foundation

Diversity and representation in infant research: The case of bilingual infants

Oct 12

Katrina Gagliano & Kayla Keith

Synergy Enterprises & Coachella Valley Lighthouse *MA Alumni Panel #2*
Oct 19

Ellen Rowe

George Mason University

Changes and challenges in schools: Past, present, and future

Oct 26

William Gormley

Georgetown University

Universal pre-K and college enrollment: Is there a link?

Nov 2

Angelique Williams-Pinnock


What is Technical Assistance? Understanding the role of applied research and policy-focused consultation in the education space

Nov 9 Colleen Vesely & Stephanie Dodman George Mason University

Windows into families' homes: Teachers' deficits-leaning and empathy-expressing perspectives of families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nov 16 Laura Holian AnLar

Research practitioner partnerships to investigate STEM programs

Nov 30 Selma Caal Department of Health and Human Services

From being a contractor to managing a contractor: A non-academic research career with a Ph.D. in applied developmental psychology

Spring 2022

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Feb 2 Amy Sussman Institute of Education Sciences A view of research grant making at the Institute of Education Sciences and other non-academic career paths
Feb 9 Stephen Forssell Georgetown University Issues in LGBTQ+ youth mental health: Current concerns for sexually and gender diverse adolescents and young adults
Feb 16 Donald Bolger University of Maryland The neural basis of inferring emotion from language and the case of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Feb 23 Sharon Ramey & Craig Ramey

Virginia Tech University

The autobiography of the Abecedarian Project: 50 years of learning
Mar 2

Cynthia Lukyanenko

George Mason University

Agreement variation in child and caregiver English

Mar 9

Reba Troxler

Pathfinder Health Deeper engagement with theater for young audiences increases social perspective taking and empathy in middle school students
Mar 23

Amy Cannava

Rainstorms to Rainbows Consulting & Counseling

LGBTQ+ 101 & then some: Development of sexuality and gender identity in youth

Mar 30

Sara Rimm-Kaufmann

University of Virginia

Learning with purpose: A new approach that integrates social-emotional and academic learning

Apr 6

Dwight Kravitz

George Washington University

Neuroanatomy and human behavior

Apr 13 Jennifer Woolard Georgetown University

The use of solitary confinement in juvenile correction facilities

Apr 20 Goldie McQuaid George Mason University

Disparities in diagnostic timing and mental health outcomes in Autism: Focus on sex and gender identity

Apr 27 Abby Carlson Director of Research and Impact, AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation

Early childhood teaching and learning in an ever-changing COVID world

May 4 Kelly Fisher Director of Policy, Society of Research in Child Development

Exploring policy-related training opportunities and career paths

Fall 2021

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Sep 1 Charles Barrett Loudon County Public Schools Promoting equitable outcomes for students and families: The role of social justice and systems
Sep 8 Laura Winkler George Mason University GMU career resources and options for graduate students in psychology
Sep 15 Student Presentations George Mason University  
Sep 22 Hilah Kaufman

George Mason University

The career path of a psychologist in the tech industry
Sep 29

Peter Sheras

University of Virginia

Bullying: What can we do and who can do it?

Oct 6


Institute of Education Sciences Non-academic career(s): Life as an IES program officer
Oct 13 Natalia Palacios University of Virginia Engaging families through home visiting: A culturally informed approach
Oct 20

Angel Dunbar

University of Maryland

Building resistance against the emotional pain of racism: The strengths of Black parents and children

Oct 27

Debra Roberts

Howard University

Cultural assets as moderators: Implications for child development

Nov 3

Adam Winsler & Alenamie Alegrado

George Mason University

Music and academic performance: Does music make kids smarter or do smart kids select into music? Insights from the Miami School Readiness Project

Nov 10 Colleen Vesely George Mason University

Using community-based participatory research (CBPR) to understand the experiences of immigrant families

Nov 17 Kelly Fisher Society for Research in Child Development

Exploring policy-related training opportunities and career paths

Dec 1 Becca Ullrich Virginia Department of Education

Child development and early childhood care and education policy

Spring 2021 (COVID-19)

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Feb 3 Koraly Perez-Edgar Pennsylvania State University Temperament in context: How the individual and the environment together shape socioemotional trajectories
Feb 10 Kimber Bogard New York Academy of Medicine Resident-led research, policy, and power to promote child health and well-being
Feb 17 Frank Worrell

University of California– Berkeley

Time perspective and adolescent functioning: Measures and correlates
Feb 24

Arya Ansari

The Ohio State University

The long-term benefits of early childhood education

Mar 3 Christina Cipriano Yale Child Study Center SEL for traditionally underserved students and educators
Mar 10 Timothy Klitz Washington & Jefferson College A career in academia: From Ph.D. to small college teaching, mentoring, research, and advising
Mar 17

George DuPaul

Lehigh University

Developmental trajectories for young children at-risk for ADHD: Intervention outcomes and academic functioning

Mar 24

Anne Cash

University of North Carolina– Charlotte

Teachers' and coaches' professional vision

Apr 14 Jade Jenkins University of California– Irvine

The returns of an additional year of schooling: The case of state-mandated kindergarten

Apr 21 Marc Hernandez NORC at the University of Chicago

NORC Early Childhood Research and Practice Collaborative: The Rainin Foundation Collaboration and SEEDS of Learning RCT

Apr 28 Julie Vaisarova University of Minnesota

Creativity vs. control? Untangling the contribution of executive function to children's creative thinking

Fall 2020 (COVID-19)

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Sep 2 Samantha Karalus Fairfax County Public Schools Evaluation research at FCPS
Sep 9 Steven Holochwost WolfBrown/John Hopkins University Risk, self-regulation, and the promise of education
Sep 16 Nancy Adler & Glenn Ann Martin

Private Practice

Your mental health: Coping skills, processing COVID-19 crisis and schooling from home
Sep 23

Jordan Greenburg


Courtney Ricciardi

Current ADP PhD Students

Predictors and outcomes of delayed kindergarten entry and early retention

Preventing the excellence gap: Early predictors and trajectories of advanced course selection for low-income children of color

Sep 30 Bweikia Steen George Mason University Hear our cries: Meeting the needs of African American children during the early years
Oct 7 Laurie Bayet George Mason University Faces, objects, and agents: How infants and children understand the visual world
Oct 14 Christine Erdie-Lalena Wake Forest School of Medicine

Intersection of prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal Autism research and its clinical application

Oct 21 Holly Matto George Mason University The healing power of creative arts on biopsychosocial functioning
Oct 28 Celeste Malone Howard University Recognizing and addressing microaggressions for anti-racist psychology practice
Nov 4 Natasha Cabrera University of Maryland

Father-child relationships and children's development in early childhood

Nov 11 Toya Frank George Mason University

Examining the trajectories of Black mathematics teachers

Nov 18 Fantasy Lozada Virginia Commonwealth University

A theory of biculturalism and emotion regulatory flexibility among African American adolescents

Spring 2020 (COVID-19)

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Jan 29 Benjamin Converse University of Virginia Overlooking subtractive improvements
Feb 5 Allison Jack George Mason University Sex differences in the social brain: Insights from autism
Feb 12 Jatin Ambegaonkar

George Mason University

Arts for health, health for artists across the lifespan
Feb 19 Melanie Killen University of Maryland The origins of morality: Developing a society of equals
Mar 4 Olga Kornienko George Mason University Benefits of intergroup connections: Understanding how peer networks shape academic and socio-emotional development of diverse youth
Apr 1 Ian Lyons Georgetown

The curious case of quantity: Evolution, culture, and short-term memory

Fall 2019

Date Presenter Affiliation Title
Sep 4 Gerald Clore University of Virginia The emotion-cognition connection: The impact of affect depends on its object
Sep 11 Amanda P. Williford University of Virginia Supporting Children’s School Readiness through Teacher-Child Relationships and Statewide Assessment Systems
Sep 18 Manica Ramos

Child Trends

Working at a non-profit research organization – Child Trends
Sep 25 Peter Leone University of Maryland Research, Scholarship, and Social Justice: Promoting Equity for Marginalized Groups
Oct 2 Ellen Serafini George Mason University Differential predictability and dynamicity of individual differences in second language learning
Oct 9 Kathleen Moritz Rudasill Virginia Commonwealth University Temperament-based interventions in schools
Oct 16 Yulia Chentsova Georgetown Cultural shaping of emotional functioning
Oct 23 Sabine Doebel George Mason University Preregistering your psychological research, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love preregistration
Oct 30  Kostadin Kushlev Georgetown

The social price of constant connectivity: Smartphones impose subtle costs on well-being

Nov 6 Chelsea Derlan Williams Virginia Commonwealth University A developmental approach to ethnic-racial socialization and ethnic-racial identity
Nov 13 Jessica Connelly University of Virginia Early nurture epigenetically tunes the oxytocin receptor
Nov 20 Susan Lapham American Institute for Research

Project Talent: A short history of a very long study