Meet our Ph.D. Alumni

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Graduates of the Ph.D. program have gone on to faculty or post-doctoral positions (about 40%) at universities (e.g., Temple, Florida International University, Arizona State, Duquesne, Moravian). Other Ph.D. graduates work as School Psychologists in school systems, or are employed in applied research settings (e.g., National Child Care Information Center, Center for Applied Linguistics, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), or in corporate settings (e.g., AOL, Parenting Playgroups, Inc), or in government, policy, or advocacy positions (e.g., U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Academies of Science, PBS).

Ph.D. Alumni

Year Name Advisor Post-Graduation Position
2023 DaSean Young Goldstein Assistant Professor, Pace University
2023 Negar Fatahi Curby Research Scientist, AnLar
2022 Marissa Davila Kornienko Postdoctoral Associate, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University
2021 Jordan Greenburg Winsler Assistant Professor, Lindsey Wilson College
2021 Courtney Ricciardi Winsler Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington
2020 Brittany Thompson Goldstein Program Evaluator, Baltimore City Public Schools
2020 Amber Shriver Winsler President, Pathways Behavioral Health
2020 Angelique Williams-Pinnock Winsler Technical Assistance Data Management Specialist, AnLar LLC
2020 Mayra Parada Winsler Policy Associate, Montessori Public Policy Initiative
2019 Kaitlyn Mumma Winsler Senior Research Analyst, Abt Associates
2019 Alexa Roth Curby Program Associate, WestEd
2019 Xiaozhu An Curby Research Scientist, IXL Learning
2018 Tanya Tavassolie Winsler Post Doc, University of Maryland
2018 Lucia Stillerova Curby Adjunct Faculty, GMU
2018 Mandana Mohtasham Pasnak  
2018 Allyson Patterson Pasnak ABA Therapist
2016 Jameela Conway-Turner Winsler SRCD Policy Fellow, Department of Justice
2016 Jordan Thibodeaux Winsler Assistant Professor, Arkansas Tech University
2016 Sammi Karalus Denham Fairfax County Public Schools Program Evaluation Specialist
2016 David Ferrier Denham Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Chattanooga
2016 Kristi Herndon Denham Executive Director, Child Care/learning Center, South Riding VA
2016 Katrina Schmerold Pasnak Post Doc, Purdue University
2016 Elizabeth Berke Curby Administrative Coordinator, National Council on Aging
2015 Danielle Mead Winsler Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
2015 Naomi Watanabe Denham Post Doc, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
2015 Allison Bock Pasnak Post Doc, University of Minnesota
2015 Nicole Fettig Denham Senior Research Associate WRMA Inc
2014 Craig Bailey Denham/Curby Director of RULER, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
2014 Grace Howarth Denham Golden Assessments
2013 Deepti Gupta Karkhanis Winsler Assistant Professor, Bellevue College
2013 Kate Zinsser Denham Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Chicago
2013 Kristen Mederios Rojahn Assistant Professor, Marist College
2013 Abby Carlson Curby Apple Tree Institute, DC
2013 Erika Buchholtz Rojahn Student Services Coordinator at College Living Experience (CLE)
2013 Beth Warsof Rojahn Program Leader, Thinking Beyond Borders
2013 Sara Kalb Thayer Denham Research Associate, SRI International
2013 Todd Wyatt Denham Research Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters International
2012 Lindsey Hutchison Winsler SRCD Policy Fellow, OPRE, DHHS
2012 Yoon Kim Winsler BSC (Best Solution for Competency Issues), South Korea
2011 Erin Way Rojahn Assistant Professor, Alvernia University
2011 Rebecca Morse Rojahn Associate Professor, Divine Mercy University
2011 Rebecca Zaja Rojahn School Psychologist, Prince William Co. Schools
2011 Chavaughn Brown Denham Apple Tree Institute, DC
2011 Jessica De Feyter Winsler Research Associate, ICF International
2011 Marinka Gadzichowski Pasnak Assistant Professor, Argosy University
2011 Caroline Boyer Pasnak Assistant Professor, William Wood University
2010 Carol Morris Denham Assistant Professor, Meridith College
2010 Yana Segal Denham Child Development Specialist, St. Petersburg, FL
2010 Jennifer Crane Winsler Data Analyst, Department of Justice
2009 Dhvani Patel Lehman Senior User Experience Researcher, Google
2009 Melissa Mincic Denham Assistant Director of Policy & Practice, Marsico Institute for Early Learning & Literacy
2009 Cameron Caswell Denham Editorial Director, and Editor-in Chief, AOL
2008 Teresa Mason Denham Faculty, Park University
2008 Hideko Bassett (Hamada) Denham Post Doc, GMU
2008 Nicole Sarampote Denham School Psychologist
2008 Selma Caal Denham Research Scientist, Child Trends
2008 Suzanne Hartman Winsler Assistant Professor, West Virginia University
2006 Monica Greene (Savage) Pasnak Associate, US Office of Personnel Management
2006 Karen Neal Denham Associate Professor, Queens University of Charlotte, NC
2006 Sarah Caverly Denham Xtria, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
2006 Kathryn Levit Lehman Occupational Therapist
2006 Mary Soles Flinn School Psychologist, Fairfax County Public Schools
2006 Louis Manfra Winsler Assistant Professor, University of Missouri
2005 Michael Feder Winsler Program Officer, National Academies
2005 Rene Hackney Denham CEO, Parenting Playgroups, Inc.
2005 Julie Liebman Lehman Faculty, Penn State University
2005 Amy Madigan Winsler Department of Health and Human Services
2005 David Thompson Lehman School Psychologist
2002 Clair Cosby Lehman School Psychologist
2001 Patricia Steve Merydith School Psychologist
2001 Angela Willson-Quayle Winsler National Child Care Information Center
2001 Anita Kochanoff Denham Faculty, Arizona State University
2000 Kathleen Aux Denham Head of Psychological Services, Prince William County Schools
2000 Kimberly Blair Denham Faculty, Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh
2000 Marcia McKinley-Pace Lehman Faculty, Mount St. Mary's University
1999 Charlie Hendricks Pasnak Supervisor/Statistical Analysist, NICHD
1999 Rebecca Sears-Dixon Denham School Psychologist
1998 Michelle Schmidt Denham Faculty, Moravian College
1997 Valerie Malabonga Pasnak Research Associate, Center for Applied Linguistics
1996 Jennifer Mitchelle-Copeland Denham Adjunct Professor, GMU
1995 Dolores Cody Denham School Psychologist