Haoyu Lin

Haoyu Lin

Haoyu Lin

Graduate Research Assistant

Early Childhood Social Emotional Developmental and Intervention

Haoyu (how-yoo) is a first-year doctoral student, from Guangzhou, China. She completed a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Psychological Sciences, and for her gap year between the two degrees, she assisted labs at the University of Rochester. Haoyu had some diverse research experiences, ranging from preschooler language development with technology to motivation to authenticity in couple relationships. For her doctoral education, she would be diving into the realm of very young children’s social emotional development and intervention, which also aligns with her professional goal of conducting toddler’s social emotional education.









Selected Publications

Mourlam, D. J., Strouse, G. A., Newland, L. A., & Lin, H. (2019). Can they do it? A comparison of teacher candidates' beliefs and preschoolers' actual skills with digital technology and media. Computers & Education, 129, 82-91.

Courses Taught

PSYC 301-207 Research Methods Lab


M.S. in Psychological Sciences; The University of Texas in Dallas

B.S. in Psychology; University of South Dakota