Emma G Casey

Emma G Casey

Emma G Casey

Graduate Research Assistant

Early childhood education; emotion-focused teaching; feeding practices; emotion development; eating development; self-regulation; interoception/self-awareness

Emma G. Casey is a registered dietitian and doctoral student in applied developmental psychology at George Mason University. Prior to graduate school, Emma worked in food policy and science communications for five years in Washington D.C. Her research interests include eating and feeding in early childhood, emotion socialization and development, and teaching quality in early childhood education. At George Mason, Emma is a graduate lecturer and a research assistant in Dr. Tim Curby’s Development in School Context lab. Currently, her research is focused on measuring teacher-child interaction and feeding practices during mealtime in early childhood education, and understanding young children’s interoceptive abilities via qualitative interviews with caregivers and practitioners. 

Current Research

Development in school contexts: http://disc.gmu.edu/

Emma works with Dr. Tim Curby's lab to investigate how how teacher-child interactions serve as a mechanism for pre-school aged children social-emotional development.


Courses Taught

Child Development
Honors I
Principles of Learning Lab
Research Methods in Psychology Lab
Introduction to Statistics Lab


MA, Psychology - George Mason University

B.S., Nutrition Science - Penn State