Applied Developmental Psychology Concentration

Caitlin Hines, 2016

What are you doing now?

I am pursuing my PhD in Psychology at Georgetown University, concentrating in Human Development and Public Policy.  As part of the dual degree program at Georgetown, I completed my Masters is Public Policy in 2018. Broadly, my research focuses on how child health and environment affect parenting and child well-being and school readiness, particularly for children in vulnerable populations. 


How did your time at Mason prepare you for your current position?

When I started at George Mason, I knew I wanted to do research in Developmental Psychology, but I really did not know what I wanted to study or what area I wanted to focus on.  Through working with Dr. Winsler and being exposed to the Miami School Readiness Project, I learned about the school readiness gap and how environment impacts child development.  I realized that I wanted to continue my education and do research that could influence social policies and programs that help children from all backgrounds. 


Not only did I discover my passion for research at George Mason, but I also learned lots of skills that are extremely valuable to me now in my current program.  My statistics classes and exposure to the Miami School Readiness Project, a large longitudinal data set, helped me build the foundations necessary for the quantitative research I focus on now.  And by working with Dr. Winsler, I became a better writer and presenter.  My time at George Mason was invaluable in preparing me for my current program!