For Parents

Interested in Participating in Research?

Dr. Winsler is often recruiting families with children of all ages to participate in research studies. Participation in such projects is interesting, educational, and fun. If you would like to add your contact information to our database of families interested in being invited to participate in research studies, please email Dr. Winsler directly at with questions or with the following information: your name, child's name, child date of birth, email, phone number. (NOTE - This information will not be shared with anyone and will only be used to contact you in the event that we are looking for families with a child of to participate in a research study).


Research Papers That May Be of Interest to Parents:

Winsler, A., Ducenne, L., & Koury, A. (2011). Singing one’s way to self-regulation: The role of early music and movement curricula and private speech. Early Education and Development22, 274–304.

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Bernhard, J., Winsler, A., Bleiker, C., Ginieniewicz, J., & Madigan, A.L. (2008)Read my story:” Promoting early literacy among diverse, urban, preschool children in poverty with the Early Authors Program. Journal for the Education of Students Placed at Risk.

Winsler, A., Manfra, L., & Diaz, R. (2007). "Should I let them talk?":  Private speech and task performance among preschool children with and without behavioral problems. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 22, 215–231.