Winslab Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni

Year Name Post-Graduation Position
2021 Jordan Greenburg Assistant Professor, Lindsey Wilson College
2021 Courtney Ricciardi Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington
2020 Amber Shriver President, Pathways Behavioral Health
2020 Angelique Williams-Pinnock Technical Assistance Data Management Specialist, AnLar LLC
2020 Mayra Parada Policy Associate, Montessori Public Policy Initiative
2019 Kaitlyn Mumma Senior Research Analyst, Abt Associates
2018 Tanya Tavassolie Post Doc, University of Maryland
2016 Jordan Thibodeaux Assistant Professor, Arkansas Tech University
2016 Jameela Conway-Turner SRCD Policy Fellow, Department of Justice
2015 Danielle Mead Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
2013 Deepti Gupta Karkhanis Assistant Professor, Bellevue College
2012 Lindsey Hutchison SRCD Policy Fellow, OPRE, DHHS
2011 Yoon Kyong Kim BSC (Best Solutions for Competence Issues), South Korea
2011 Jessica De Feyter Research Associate, ICF International
2010 Jennifer Crane Data Analyst, Department of Justice
2008 Suzanne Hartman Assistant Professor, West Virginia University
2008 Henry Tran (Post Doc) Westat, Inc
2006 Louis Manfra Assistant Professor, University of Missouri
2005 Michael Feder Program Officer, National Academies
2005 Amy Madigan Department of Health and Human Services
2001 Angela Willson-Quayle National Child Care Information Center

M.A. Alumni

Year Name Post-Graduation Position
2023 Heather Geer TBA
2023 John Ciampa Director of Sports Performance, Vienna Youth Soccer
2023 Juliet Brisbane TBA
2020 Summer Hughey Data Analyst, AnLar LLC
2020 My Nguyen Ph.D. Student, University of Houston
2020 Kayla Keith Assistant Clinical Case Supervisor, Coachella Valley Lighthouse
2020 Kristen Hayes Associate, National Resilience Institute
2019 Kristen Carpenter Associate, Linder Educational Coaching
2018 Jerry Mize Ph.D. Student, Virginia Tech University
2017 Kaity Mumma Ph.D. Student, GMU
2016 Allison Haag Outreach Specialist, Girls Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana
2016 Caitlin Hines Ph.D. Student, Georgetown University
2016 Taylor Gara Ph.D. Student, UC Irvine
2015 Devon LaMay Research Associate, American Institutes for Research
2014 Emily Doll Speech Pathology Graduate Program
2012 Aaron Deutsch English Teacher, Taiwan
2012 Alicia Borré Ph.D. Student, Virginia Commonwealth University
2012 Julia Robinson Assistant Principal, Chesterbrook Academy
2011 Marquita Anatsui VCU, Apple Tree Institute
2011 Siria Rioja Project Manager, National Head Start Association
2010 Ashley Simpkins Research Associate, Westat, Inc
2010 Cameron Mittelman Matthew's Center for Visual Learning
2009 Susannah Clifford Parenting Playgroups, Inc
2008 Elif Bor Research Associate, JBL Associates, Inc
2007 Erin Richard Grant Writer, Medical University of South Carolina
2006 Krista D'Albenzio School Psychology Student, Towson University
2006 Nilgun Ocal Psy.D. Student, Argosy University
2005 Beau Abar Ph.D. Student, Penn State University
2005 Lesley Ducenne Northern Virginia Training Center & Adjunct Professor, GMU
2005 Annmarie Schaeffler Early Childhood Specialist, DC Public Schools
2002 Kerri Shiflett Foster Care Program Manager, Caring Family Network
2002 Shannon Tyler National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
2001 Jennifer Grubba Ed.S. Student, University of Minnesota
2001 Greg Wallace Research Scientist, NIMH
2000 Eirikur Thorvardarson School Psychologist, Reykjavik Public Schools, Iceland
1999 Muna Shami Research Associate, American Institutes for Research

B.A. Alumni

Name Post-Graduation Position
Mikayla Turner  
Enya Calibuso Ph.D. Student, University of Chicago
Gabriela Cueva Administrative Assistant, NOVA
Justine Burke M.A. Student, Criminology, GMU
Vinicio Perla M.A. Student, Counseling, GMU
Ihsan Shaikhly M.A. Student, Social Work, GMU
Nadine Rozell M.Ed. Student, Educational Psychology, University of Virginia
Alena Alegrado Ph.D. Student, Applied Developmental Psychology, GMU
Sonia Castro M.A. Student, George Washington University
Claudia Lopez M.A. Student, GMU
Carolina Loyola M.P.H. Student, George Washington University
Margot Cabrera Mental Health Specialist, Leland House, Grafton
Giorgia Picci Ph.D. Student, Penn State University
Arya Ansari Ph.D. Student, University of Texas, Austin
Tiffany Cambridge-Williams M.S.W. Student, Boston College
Tammy Karas M.A. Student, GMU
Drew Solyst Ph.D. Student, Emory University
Faye Huie Ph.D. Student, George Mason University
Ed Holsinger Ph.D. Student, Oxford University
Amanda Koury Ph.D. Student, University of Pittsburgh
Mara Gray M.S.W. Student, University of Texas, Austin
Luis Espinoza American Psychological Associaion
Gabby D’Lima Ph.D. Student, Old Dominion University
Kimberly Day Ph.D. Student, Virginia Tech University
Kelly Chandler Ph.D. Student, Penn State University


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